Breed standard FCI

Breed standard of the Kennel Club

American breed standard (february 1992)

Bullmastiff standard (september 1925)



Bullmastiff standard


Head (skull, muzzle, ears, eyes)
Skull. Square, Compact, not long.
Muzzle. Square.

Ears. Not long, not hanging, and more likely intermediate between the bulldog and mastiff.
Eyes.  Dark. Hazel is not a fault, if it is in harmony with color of coat.
Bite. Slightly undershot is not a fault.

Neck. Rather short neck.


Tail. Strong at the root and tapering, reaching to the hocks. Carried straight or slightly curved, but not hound fashion.


Chest. Chest muscular and wide.

Forequarters - Forelegs straight, not long. Shoulders are sloping.

Hindquarters Cow hocks highly undesirable.


Coat, color.
Color. Brindle or fawn. A slight white marking on the chest is permissible.
Coat. The hard and short, long coats is fault.



Dogs: 61 - 66 cms. high at withers,  Weight: 41 - 50 kg.
Bitches:  58 - 63,5 cms.high at withers, Weight: 34 - 41 kg.



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