The most well-known kennel organizations in the world, which have an international status, are as follows:

o FCI - International Kennel Federation
Headquarters in Belgium. In Russia is presented by the RKF - the Russian Kennel Federation.
o UCI - International Union of Kennel Clubs. Headquarters in Austria. An official representative in Russia - The Movement "Kind world".
o AKC - American Kennel Club.
o CKC - Canadian Kennel Club.
o UKC - Britain Kennel Club.
o European Union and many others.

Today the largest kennel organizations in Russia are as follows:

This is the union of the public kennel organizations in Russia, created in 1991 and consolidating approximately five millions of dog-breeders of the 70 regions of the country.
From 01.01.2000 to the RKF has been given a status of Associated Member FCI (member of European section of FCI)

Among the founders of the RKF are the following:
o The Russian Federation of Subordinate Dog-breeding - RFSD;
o The Russian Federation of Hunting dog-breeding - RFHD;
o Russian Community of Amateurish Dog-breeding -RCAD;
o Association of Independent Kennel Organizations of Russia - AIKOR.

The founders are:
o The Union of Kennel Organizations of Russia (UKOR) - registered in 1995;
o The National Russian Kennel Association (NRKA) - registered in 1998, reregistered from the RCA in 1997;
o International kennel association "White Fang" - registered in 1993, reregistered in 1996 and received an international status.
RKC is a founder of th

e IKU (International Kennel Union).
International Kennel Association (IKA - "KIND WORLD")
Is registered in 2000 - the main official representation of UCI in Russia (United Kennel Clubs International).

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