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Members of the organization committee, ring teams, probationers and translations DO NOT HAVE RIGHT to present personally own dogs and the dogs belonging to their family members as well as to work on the rings, where their own or their family dogs, or dogs in the mutual ownership are shown. The judge is prohibited to look the catalogue of the show before or during the judge process. Smoking on the ring during the judge is prohibited. The communication to any member of the show as well as visiting his place of living or be supported by him until the end of the show is prohibitedThe present STATUTE OF RCF ON SHOWS is authorized by the RCF's Show commission as at 8 July 2003 and effective from 1 January 2004. The present STATUTE OF RCF ON SHOWS abolishes all the earlier functioning Statutes regarding shows. Changes and additions in STATUTE OF RCF ON SHOWS can be made once in 5 years time.


Vestnik RCF № 5 (44), 2003.


The expertise of any breed is conducted separately on the show of any class. Female and male dogs are estimated separately. The following age classes are set for shows under the FCI system:Puppy class - from 6 to 9 months.Junior class - from 9 to 18 months.Intermediary class - from 15 to 24 months.Open class - older than 15 months.Working class - for the dogs older than 15 months, having the working diploma (official, hunting).Champion's class - for dogs, having the title of the national or international champion.Veteran's class - for the dogs older than 8 years.The organizers of the show can open (following the permission of the Shows committee of RCF) "Baby" class as well for the puppies younger than 6 months.


At the shows within Russia only veterinary reference should be provided, supporting the vaccination of the dog against rabies. This reference should be issued by the statutory veterinary service not earlier than before 3 days before the day of show. The dog should have been vaccinated not later than one month before it. At the foreign shows (and before that - when crossing the border) the international passport should be presented, where the relevant indications on vaccinations been made against of rabies, hepatitis, plague and more, with the internationally recognized vaccines.


AS per the materials of the book of N.А.Maslennikovа "the dog for home and family"






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