My life continues for just 10-12 years.

Each separation with you brings me suffering.

Think about it before you take me!

Be patient with me - give me some time to understand what you expect from me.

Don't be offended by my devilry and don't become angry with me - because I love you.

Don't turn me out as a punishment and don't leave alone in the apartment. You have your job, your friends, your entertainment - and I have just you!

Speak with me more often. Let me not always understand you, but your voice addressed to me, is sweeter than any delicacy.

If you see how I suffering on the chain or under someone's mockeries, please, stand up for me. Be sure: I never forget anything - nor the thrown stone, nor the hand, which ever was good to me...

If you feel hot during summer time and you need to leave me alone in the car, don't hope on the first shadow. The sun is moving and the clouds may disperse. Somebody understands it too late.

Multiply your care about myself when I getting older!

Don't throw me at the hardest minute.

Never say: "I can not see how it's been putting to sleep". Or: "It should happen when I'm out". Even death I'll take with gratitude when you are near.

Per the materials of the magazine: "Welte des Boxers"






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by Tatjana Sagalovskaya